We all want to make sure we only pay as much tax as we should, but the paperwork and rules keep getting more complicated. Who can keep up with it?

We can help take care of the compliance for you. We guide you through the legislation and make the most of the opportunities available to you, whilst ensuring that you play by the rules.

Sound tax planning by a registered tax agent is also an integral part of a broader strategic financial plan to deliver real returns for wealth creation.

We cater for a variety of levels of tax planning and financial needs. We assist the DIY investor, the property investor and those who prefer to hand over their financial management to the experts.

As registered tax agents, we can advise on the ramifications of a foreign investment, what are pros and cons of salary sacrifice into super or purchasing an older investment property over a new investment property. We ask if your employer is deducting an old HECS debt unnecessarily, we consider novated leases and ask if you have you thought about estate planning issues?

At WLM we are well versed in motor vehicle deductions, non resident issues, property investments, novated leases, family tax benefits and adjusted taxable income thresholds.

We can advise on all aspects of the principal place of residence exemption and land tax issues.

We help our clients quantify tax benefits versus wealth growth versus asset protection.

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