A new association has been formed to help advisers incorporate real return strategies in their businesses and provide practical guidance in the areas of regulations, insurance, portfolio construction, implementation and administration.

The Association of Real Return Investment Advisers (ARRIA) assists advisers in the practicalities of building, implementing and incorporating client investment portfolios that can better perform in all markets, and therefore be better placed to deliver on client’s goals and objectives

A clear objective of ARRIA is to create an environment where ‘Real Return Investment Advisers’ and relevant stakeholders can network in appropriate forums to advance the exchange of information, best-practice and compliance issues. ARRIA is organising roundtable discussion groups for advisers in major centres.

Advisers focussing on risk adjusted returns will benefit enormously from a focused peer - group environment and ARRIA will assist with the gathering and disseminating resources in order to help facilitate:

  • the collation and provision of information of interest or relevance
  • the development and / or access of appropriate tools
  • access to and sourcing of relevant and appropriate expertise

“ARRIA will also liaise and co-ordinate communications with government, regulatory bodies, other relevant industry associations and general service providers in what is rapidly becoming a real return investment industry,” said Philip Reid, General Manager, ARRIA.

At inception, ARRIA has four independent adviser firms and four fund managers.

Financial advice members of ARRIA include WLM Financial Services principal Matthew Walker (who will also be the inaugural chairman), Northstar Financial Advisers principal Alistair Saunders, More4Life Financial Services principal James Walker-Powell and Fergus Hardingham of FM Financial Solutions.

Membership is open to professional advisers, fund managers, asset consultants, research houses, platform providers, trustees, PI underwriters and other such providers to the industry.

Importantly ARRIA is run by practicing advisers for the benefit of practicing advisers.

The association is committed to 'pooling' the resources of like-minded advisers and assisting them to improve client outcomes, implement the right business strategies and meet the requirements of the regulatory framework.

By pooling resources, practitioner members will be able to direct efforts in research and encourage the development of tools specifically built for the objectives of the association.

The members encourage those who share these views to get involved – with the potential to contribute what constitutes best practice in the area of incorporating real return manager strategies.

Dates for the next round tables are Sydney 6th May, Melbourne 27th May and Brisbane 12 June.

For more information you can visit their website www.arria.com.au or you can contact the association at info@arria.com.au or contact Philip Reid, General Manager, on 0411 828 097.