WLM is excited to be able to offer clients an innovative bookkeeping service called Xilch.

Xilch can help you achieve the following:

  • REDUCE COSTS: Substantially reduce the cost associated with running your books so you can free up cash flow for revenue generating activities;
  • SAVE TIME: Help you free up your time like never before - so you can focus on growing your business;
  • TIGHTER CONTROL: Streamline and build reliable systems to manage your books in a highly efficient and effective manner – giving you control;
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: Via the internet or your mobile phone Xilch can provide near real time visibility with your position – cash on hand, money coming in and money go out. Additionally, Xilch stores your purchase invoices in a central repository in the cloud, this means you can always easily and substantiating evidence to back up the expenses in your accounting system. This feature is also particularly valuable in the event of an ATO/year end audit.

If you are currently using MYOB or another accounting package and your current bookkeeper is hesitant in moving to the cloud WLM can help you convert to Xero in the most cost effective and effortless matter possible; so you can start enjoying the benefits of Xero within days.

There are no surprises in terms of fees. Xilch charges once off set-up costs and a set monthly fee subject to the nature and the amount of work to be undertaken. Also, they are flexible - you can choose what you want done by Xilch or would like to keep in-house.

Xilch is Australia’s specialist Xero certified bookkeeping firm. First and foremost they are bookkeepers that specialise in using Xero – the world’s leading cloud-based accounting software. If you want to start enjoying the benefits of Xero today then Xilch is the right partner for you.

For more information, please contact your accountant at WLM or go towww.xilch.com.au