Over the past few years we have noticed a significant increase in people being concerned about their finances. This is understandable given the turmoil and uncertainty in markets.

The questions we hear most are:

  • Are my investments in the right place?
  • Am I taking too much, or too little, risk?
  • Am I going to be able to meet my goals?
  • Is my long-term financial security at risk?
  • Do I have enough to cover my retirement?

Fundamentally it boils down to one basic question: “Am I on Track?”.

To help answer these types of questions and give people a framework to understand where they are at, WLM has developed “On Track”.

With On Track we can help answer the big questions, work through the ‘what if’ scenarios, consider the financial impact of investment or lifestyle decisions and look at the longer-term big picture.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.