We’re all being bombarded with startling revelations out of the Banking Royal Commission being run by the government at the moment. Amazingly, there are many instances of inappropriate advice and generally illegal or unethical advice. We at WLM are shocked and disheartened by what is being revealed. How is it possible in this day and age? How can people treat their clients like this? What have the regulators been doing?

It also comes to the heart of why we set up WLM and how we run our business. We care about our clients and making sure we act in your ‘best interests’. It’s at the core of everything we do and believe. 

  • WLM has had its own unrestricted Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL # 232512) since 1997 - precisely to enable us to provide unaffiliated and unbiased financial advice.
  • We are totally Fee-for-Service – and disclose everything so that you can make informed decisions about what you’re paying for.

The directors and staff of WLM have been involved with financial services for most of our working lives. We have taken great care and time to build a culture where clients come first, where we aim to exceed industry standards, meet all ongoing educational requirements and adhere to professional codes of conduct (our actions) and codes of ethics (our decision-making). You are our business and we understand and respect that.
We welcome the Banking Royal Commission and hope the outcome will result in a better, more robust system for all Australians.
In the meantime, we’re aware that many will be suffering, or have lost confidence with their planners. This is a disappointing side-effect of these types of high profile enquiries, but it does give us the opportunity to reinforce who we are and that we’re here to help. Of course, many of our long-standing clients already know this, which gives us great personal satisfaction, however, if there are others that you know who might be hurting or be looking for guidance from ‘good people’ then please understand WLM is open to having conversations to help the people you care about.