Please be aware that there are currently a number of phishing emails being sent around to individual users. These emails are attempts by scammers to trick you into giving out personal information such as Passwords, Bank Account Numbers, Log in Details etc.

Examples include:

  • Emails falsely accusing users of criminal activities on the internet with a threat to release information unless payment is made to them.
  • Emails from Microsoft warning you that your account will expire in 24 hours & requesting your log in details.
  • Emails from your bank or other financial institutions asking you for log in details and passwords.

How to identify a phishing email & what you can do:

  • Hover your mouse over any links to see the full web address of where they take you – if it looks suspicious, delete the email and block the sender. Alternatively, contact us immediately.
  • Watch out for emails containing a number of grammatical errors.
  • Do an internet search using the names or exact wording of the email or message to check for any references to a scam – many scams are easily identified this way.

If you believe you may have clicked on a link or responded to one of these emails, please contact your IT consultant immediately.