The informative website, Cuffelinks (, has published their first ebook Cuffelinks Showcase 2014 with highlights from the last two years. Their first article in February 2013 featured former Prime Minister Hon. Paul Keating on superannuation, including some fresh ideas typical of his thinking. Since then, they've published 93 Newsletter editions with over 500 articles from 150 writers.  

The ebook features leading identities such as Paul Keating, Nick Sherry, Phil Ruthven, Jeremy Cooper, Noel Whittaker, Howard Marks, Roger Montgomery and Dr Jack Gray, plus many of the industry experts who write for us regularly. Interviewees include global authorities such as Harry Markowitz, Burton Malkiel, Rob Arnott and Elroy Dimson.

Cuffelinks Showcase 2014 is exclusive to Cuffelinks subscribers and if you are not already a subscriber and would like a copy, please email Laura at, and she will have one sent directly to you.