According to the Actuaries Institute of Australia, an individual aged 65 and now commencing retirement will have a life expectancy of 21 years for males and 24 years for females.  The Institute also noted that one in three individuals now entering into retirement should attain age 90 and one in five will attain age 95.

Those nearing retirement may have to consider that their retirement savings may have to last more than 20 years.

Most people want answers to “how long will I live” and “what can I do about it”. There is a new website called My Longevity which helps people to understand how long they might live. Most people have no idea other than using their current age as a starting point and then using the Australian Life Tables. These tables are only averages and also fail to factor in ongoing improvements in mortality. They don't explain that the longer you live, the longer you're likely to live. Or that ageing is a personal journey.

From the My Longevity website you can learn more about whether or not you may live longer than average by answering questions which cover five key areas: surroundings, health, attitude, parents and eating. On completion you will receive an estimate of your longevity. There is no cost and it takes 5 minutes. You can access the website at

WLM factors in longevity risk when working with clients and modelling strategies to suit their situation and to ensure they are on track with their financial future. To find out more please contact us